Nothing about the Steelers looks remotely successful right now.

They’ve lost games to the Bears and the Jaguars in the last three weeks. Ben Roethlisberger sounded like a man who wished he had gone ahead and retired after his five-interception performance against Jacksonville. He waved those comments off a couple days later, but it’s clear that all is not well inside the locker room.

Yet, there are the Steelers, 3-2, perched on top of the division standings by virtue of wins over the Browns and Ravens.

Panic index: The Ravens are also 3-2, but nowhere near as talented. But if the Steelers can’t find a way to fix what’s ailing their offense, this might come down to the wire, or at least whoever can beat up on the rest of the division.

We know what did happen. The Chargers were in the end zone three plays later, and they would go on to earn their first dub of the season. All thanks to Ingram having risen to the occasion.

Now, my first inclination was to name Ingram as Hoss of the Week for that play alone. Then after I watched the tape and saw numerous other plays he made throughout the game I was just about sold. However, as I reviewed the film, I simply could not ignore how many plays Bosa was making as well.

Bosa may not have made the big play of the game, but he damn sure made a lot of other plays to help keep the game within reach. What’s more, both Ingram and Bosa helped each other get at least one of the two sacks a piece they each recorded on the day.

On this play, he reaches the defensive end, then blocks the free runner, who the back has to beat for a touchdown.

Along with the running game, Carson Wentz has improved in every meaningful quarterback stat. He finally has competent receivers and a favorite target: his tight end. Among NFL tight ends, Ertz leads in targets, receptions, receiving yards and receptions for a first down at 20!

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Adrian Peterson will get more opportunities with the Cardinals, but it won’t matter

Adrian Peterson’s tenure in New Orleans was a short one. Four games, 27 carries, 81 yards, and zero touchdowns. Now he’ll get the opportunity to underwhelm with an Arizona Cardinals team desperate for tailback help.

On Tuesday, the Cardinals traded a conditional pick to the Saints to pick up the 32-year-old tailback. He’ll join a depth chart that includes Andre Ellington and Kerwynn Williams. He’ll battle for touches with fellow 32-year-old (and former 2,000-yard rusher) Chris Johnson.

Now, I am Mr. Go-For-It, a believer in advanced analytics and a member of the Cult of Barnwell. I would love to celebrate Reid’s boldness (process over outcome!), but I’m just not sure the risk was worth it.

Here now is the Bortlest pair of plays possible: On second down, Blake Bortles is sacked and fumbles, but Jags are able to recover the ball. Then, on third-and-14, Bortles sails a pass over a wide receiver (who is well short of the sticks); the ball bounces off the receivers’ outstretched fingertips and into the hands of a defensive back for an interception. It’s all there in two plays: poor pocket awareness, bad decision-making, and costly inaccuracy.

I know the They could have Colin Kaepernick on their team! refrain is growing old, but for me it’s growing old because it’s EXHAUSTING to think about the success that mediocre teams could enjoy if they cared more about winning than not signing a guy whose activism offends the NFL’s ruling class.

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This is perhaps the most startling realization of looking at Mr. Met. At first glance you see a happy baseball man.

Obviously this is fine. The Mets are in agreement that pursuing their own sexual desires is fair game. However, there is no evidence Mr. Met has ever been propositioned by anyone. Half of baseball is interested in Mrs. Met, while he wastes away on Citi Field unsatisfied.

When this is paired with endless abuse on social media by mascots rubbing their carnal desires in his face, well, it’s enough to drive anyone to their breaking point.

Not sure how this plays into Mr. Met flipping off a fan, but it probably does.

This is perhaps the most startling realization of looking at Mr. Met. At first glance you see a happy baseball man. But when you stare closer, you realize something is off.

Perhaps no two teams have lasted through more dramatic survival scenarios into the CWS finals than LSU and Florida. The Tigers benefited from a friendly call on a foul ball that should’ve been called fair, while the Gators benefited from a friendly review that ruled their shot to deep left fair. Those calls happened on the same day, some hours apart, and college baseball definitely needs mandatory review, like now.

Florida’s team ERA is 3.49, an impressively low mark for a cohort of college baseball throwers though it’s no Oregon State, which sported a team ERA of 1.86 for the year and still got bounced by the Tigers. LSU’s staff ERA was 3.57, no less impressive. Especially given Alex Lange and Jared Poche’s collective work on the mound, which nearly mirrors Florida’s Alex Faedo and Brady Singer: Faedo threw 2.26 for the season, Singer 3.18; Lange hurled a 2.97, Poche 3.33. Too bad that Faedo pitched on Saturday and he’s likely out of commission for the duration.

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We haven’t heard much about Gary Sanchez this season

O’Linger has no concerns about pitching out his arm because his post-baseball designs don’t include baseball at all. He’s already been accepted to a pharmacy postgraduate program at the University of Florida, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa with a 4.0 grade point average.

In September 2012, Cooke was returning to Charlotte after a recruiting visit when a drunk driver slammed into the back of his Dodge Caravan at more than 100 miles per hour.

Consider the roster. By Cooke’s count, only three of his starters and 12 to 13 players on his roster are getting any baseball money from Davidson’s limited scholarship resources. The rest must find their way at a place known for its strong academics and cozy feel with 2,000 undergraduates. But it ain’t cheap. Next year, it’ll cost $63,000 to cover everything.

Ben Markham of Viva El Birdos makes a convincing case for the Cardinals to completely tear everything down and rebuild the team, even though he admits it has a 0% chance of happening.

We haven’t heard much about Gary Sanchez this season, but doesn’t mean he isn’t playing well. And saying he’s playing well is a huge understatement.

John Farrell got up close and personal with umpire Bill Miller last night. He was so up close and personal that Miller ejected him for allegedly poking him in the chest.

The Nationals have been less prolific than is typical of their league-leading offense, too, and have relied on solid relief appearances (!?) to preserve two- and one-run leads. It’s probable that Wednesday will hold more of the same, but, ya know, with like, Kershaw and Strasburg pitching. Think of all the bowel-breaking curveballs.

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s 1-year-old daughter threw the cutest first pitch ever at a Mariners game

What did you do when you were 1 year old? Sit around pooping and being cute? Probably. If you’re John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s daughter, Luna, then you’re already throwing out a first pitch.

The Red Baron’s calculation put Wong’s value at something like twice Donaldson’s. I think this calculation is more rigorous though, and it puts Wong around $35M short of Donaldson when including the qualifying offer as part of Donaldson’s value. Donaldson would be a one win improvement in the final two months of the season, as well as a nice improvement over Wong in any playoff games the team takes part in. In 2018, he offers a phenomenal 3 1?2 win improvement. The Cardinals would however miss out on a projected $10.6M surplus value in 2019 and 2020. Wong projects to not be worth the option price minus the $1M buyout in 2021, so I added the $1M buyout to his 2020 salary and didn’t count a 2021 season.

Unless the team was willing to deal further MLB talent, they’ll have to reach from the minors to make the deal happen. Using the Top aggregate list I mentioned earlier, which uses five Top 100 lists and ‘s Top 200 list, as well as public valuations of different types of prospects, here’s the Cardinals’ top prospects and their implied valuations entering the year:

On Tuesday, Legend was slated to throw out the first pitch for the Mariners, but when he got to the mound he decided to forego the first-pitch honor and let Luna have a chance to throw which was utterly adorable.

Luna did a pretty good job, too. Better than 50 Cent.

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MLB draft order 2017: Complete selection order for Rounds 11-40

After 315 picks on the first two days of the 2017 MLB Draft, things kick into high gear on Wednesday, the final day of the event, with 900 selections coming fast and furious from the most popular conference call of the Major League Baseball season.

The final 30 rounds of the draft will take place on Wednesday, beginning at noon ET, with coverage available online only through

The order for every round is the same on Wednesday, with teams picking in reverse order of 2016 record each time through. The Minnesota Twins, who selected California high school shortstop Royce Lewis with their first overall pick on Monday night, start each round, thanks to 103 losses in 2016.

Minnesota begins play on Wednesday at 33-28, two games ahead of the Cleveland Indians in first place in the American League Central, quite the turnaround from 2016. The Twins broke out for 28 hits in a 20-7 win over Seattle on Tuesday night.

The thing Syndergaard puts hot sauce on most frequently is a dish called the Bowl of Doom, which is the weird egg, meat, and avocado mixture being served inside. Syndergaard’s goal this past offseason was to bulk up. To do so, he had to eat four to five meals a day, starting with the Doom Bowl for breakfast. The plan seems to have worked: He gained 17 pounds of pure brawn over the winter.

Does Gennett qualify? We know the first one is true. The second one is a little dicier because he’s received five at-bats in a game before, and he will again. While the randomness of him being the player to accomplish this instead of, say, Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge is amazing, it isn’t exactly the freakiest baseball occurrence for an established major leaguer to hit a ball hard four times in the same game.

Does it make the pantheon, though? I suppose I need to construct a pantheon, first. Here are my five favorite individual baseball performances that combined skill with a quirky pile of weird baseball, and we’ll see if Gennett can squeak in.

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All these homers are from MLB juicing the ball. Well, maybe.

It’s a discussion that’s far from over. There’s likely some underlying change or, as with the steroid era changes that’s causing all these dingers. A changed baseball could very well be part of it, but we’ll need more testing and more research to know for sure: Especially when UMASS Lowell has already done their own testing again and concluded something different than this pair did.

Regardless, it’s worth reading and thinking about the findings within that Ringer piece. Even if my advice to log off was unwisely ignored.

When is a home run with the bases loaded only worth one run? When Aaron Hicks reaches over the fence and catches it, so all the Angels ended up with was a sac fly.
The College World Series bracket and schedule is set, so prepare for some tournament baseball this weekend.

You won’t have to wait until this evening for the draft to resume. A pre-show begins at 12:30 p.m. ET on, and then at 1 p.m. we’ll get the Twins making their next selection.

Arrieta is in this phase, and while he can come out of it clean, Verlander-style, there are never guarantees. Tim Lincecum’s availability is proof of that, even if the only similarities they really have is that they throw with their right arm and used to be much better.

A word of caution: Don’t look at the BABIP and consider the case closed. That works swell for Rizzo up there, but pitchers struggling to adjust to a diminished fastball are a different species. The pitchers will often try to do what worked in the past, and hitters have milliseconds more for what they were trying to do in the past. Milliseconds are all they needed in the first place, which means more line drives until the pitcher re-adjusts.

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MLB draft 2017 live stream: How to follow Wednesday’s selections online

The 2017 MLB Draft concludes on Wednesday with the busiest day of the three-day affair. Rounds 11-40 will get completed on the final day of the draft, with picks coming fast and furious all day.

There is no television coverage, but the draft can be followed online through, with occasional analysis mixed in with the 900 picks.

As you can imagine, this video spread quickly and when the Boston Red Sox got wind that all he wanted to do after getting out of the hospital was to go to a baseball field, the organization didn’t hesitate to reach out to the family and make a little boy’s day.

There is no doubt Ari absolutely love sports. His YouTube channel is filled with them — from playing hockey in the middle of the hospital just before his transplant to him tearing up some MLB: The Show while in intensive care.

To a lot of us, sports are just something entertaining and fun and something that doesn’t have a real impact on our day-to-day lives. For others like Ari, sports are what get you through some of the hardest times you will ever face.

The Padres’ shortstop solutions: Khalil Greene and Everth Cabrera in the boom years, and you don’t want to know in the lean years.

You might be tempted to call this the Curse of Ozzie Smith, and that’s okay. Run with that temptation. But don’t forget that Roberto Alomar probably could have handled shortstop for a couple decades, too. That’s also valid.

But there’s nothing that says he ever has to hit, either. He got just a couple dozen at-bats above Double-A, so this might be his offensive ceiling. I would almost believe that if he weren’t 23.

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The AL Central is a complete mess

The Twins are 29-26, under .500 at home, have been outscored by 29 runs, and are also two games ahead in the AL Central. The defending AL champion Cleveland Indians, meanwhile, are 29-28, outscoring their opponents but not by much, and just dropped a series to the NL West-leading Rockies. The Tigers, meanwhile, are right behind the two of them, sitting at .500 despite some serious rotation issues that have popped up already this season and limited them to a run differential of +3 despite scoring the fourth-most runs in the AL.

The AL Central is a complete mess, and somehow, the state of the first three teams in the standings don’t completely sum up why. This whole thing, from top to bottom, is messy as hell. The Royals sit just 4.5 games back of the Twins despite the fact that having multiple key pieces completely forgetting how to hit and a rotation where everyone pitching well besides Jason Vargas is on the DL. The Royals have been outscored by 50 runs, and yet they’re somehow half-a-game up on the rebuilding White Sox, who have only been outscored by three.

Here’s the problem with today’s position, though: Teams are generally pretty OK at finding second basemen.

Our last installment about first basemen pointed us to the devastatingly sad recent history of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who found more All-Star-caliber catchers over the last two decades than barely competent first basemen. There isn’t a team nearly that bad with second basemen. Of the 30 teams in baseball, two-thirds of them had a deserving starter at second just last year.

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The Rockies have lost 8 in a row, but everyone chasing them is just as awful

The Rockies have lost eight games in a row, and to compound the emotional problems that arise from that kind of stretch, those eight losses came on eight consecutive days. There are a few silver linings to this horrific stretch for Rockies fans, though, and we’re not talking about how well Colorado played in defeat or anything like that. No, it’s just that, while the Rockies were losing eight games in a row, nearly everyone chasing them for a playoff spot was nearly as bad.

Consider this: After the last Rockies victory, on June 20, the Cubs were 36-34, and standing atop the heap of NL teams waiting for a wild card spot. Chicago was 7.5 games back of the Diamondbacks, who held the second of the two NL wild cards. Now, after eight Rockies losses, the Cubs are 6.5 games back of the Rockies for that same second wild card.

Thompson calmed down briefly after taking damage in the first, but he gave up two more runs in the fourth on a Chris Hudgins single to left, and suddenly the winningest pitcher in college baseball this year was done after 78 pitches. That was his shortest outing of the season.

In addition to the teams, some of the top talent will be available in the upcoming amateur draft, including Brendan McKay of Louisville and Kyle Wright of Vanderbilt. We usually enjoy professional baseball, but take some time to enjoy the college game for the next few weeks, as its World Series is one of the best events of the year.

Brenly made four errors in the fourth inning. He was put at third base, where he didn’t belong, and he screwed up. Repeatedly. Four runs scored. Fans booed. His manager, Roger Craig, left him in because … well, screw you and stay in there, I guess.

In a sport where the all-time worst fielders can still make 90 percent of the plays, it’s hard to fathom four errors in one inning. It’s hard to dig a hole deep enough into the earth.

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