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Adrian Peterson will get more opportunities with the Cardinals, but it won’t matter

Adrian Peterson’s tenure in New Orleans was a short one. Four games, 27 carries, 81 yards, and zero touchdowns. Now he’ll get the opportunity to underwhelm with an Arizona Cardinals team desperate for tailback help.

On Tuesday, the Cardinals traded a conditional pick to the Saints to pick up the 32-year-old tailback. He’ll join a depth chart that includes Andre Ellington and Kerwynn Williams. He’ll battle for touches with fellow 32-year-old (and former 2,000-yard rusher) Chris Johnson.

Now, I am Mr. Go-For-It, a believer in advanced analytics and a member of the Cult of Barnwell. I would love to celebrate Reid’s boldness (process over outcome!), but I’m just not sure the risk was worth it.

Here now is the Bortlest pair of plays possible: On second down, Blake Bortles is sacked and fumbles, but Jags are able to recover the ball. Then, on third-and-14, Bortles sails a pass over a wide receiver (who is well short of the sticks); the ball bounces off the receivers’ outstretched fingertips and into the hands of a defensive back for an interception. It’s all there in two plays: poor pocket awareness, bad decision-making, and costly inaccuracy.

I know the They could have Colin Kaepernick on their team! refrain is growing old, but for me it’s growing old because it’s EXHAUSTING to think about the success that mediocre teams could enjoy if they cared more about winning than not signing a guy whose activism offends the NFL’s ruling class.

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Dodgers send struggling Julio Urias back to Triple-A

Think about this: Heading into the ACC Tournament, Smith has 12 homers and only eight strikeouts on the season. That’s kind of crazy, right? He might not have the raw upside of some of the players here, but he’s about as polished of a college bat as you’ll find.

He’s a prep right-hander from Texas with a huge fastball. That’s like candy for scouting directors and front-office types. Baz could easily be gone before the Phillies get to choose.

Law, Callis and Manuel all have the Brewers taking Beck here. He’s come back from a 2015 knee injury to alleviate concerns and actually improve his draft stock.

The Dodgers have sent starting pitcher Julio Urias back down to the the minor leagues after two rocky starts.

Urias, 21, was optioned after allowing 13 runs ’ 12 earned ’ in his last two starts, which rose his ERA from 1.06 to 5.40 for the MLB season.

Despite his struggles, Urias had shown enough in his first three starts this year ’ two earned runs in 17 innings ’ to be counted on to work through the glitch.

Urias still has plenty of upside as a prospect, but the Dodgers have a number of able starters currently on their roster as they work to ease the phenom into the big leagues.

It won’t be long before we see Urias pitching in a Dodgers uniform once again.

Hosmer is the most complicated case, to be honest. Feels like he’s publicly regarded as one of MLB’s elite first basemen ’ he’s a Gold Glove regular, made the 2016 AL All-Star squad and hit .351 with a .966 OPS during the magical 2014 playoff run ’ but his overall numbers don’t match that perception. He’s been Kansas City’s regular first baseman for six full seasons (not counting 2017), and here are his year-by-year fWAR numbers (the FanGraphs formula): 1.0, minus-1.7, 3.2, 0.0, 3.4, minus-0.2. Think about that.

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