Asked Thursday if he feels a need to use the draft’s No. 2 overall pick on a successor for his 37-year-old signal-caller, Gettleman labeled the idea hogwash.

You miss on a quarterback, you’ve really hurt the franchise for five years, Gettleman added. It’s a five-year mistake.

Over the years, we’ve been taught to distrust everything we see and hear during the NFL Draft’s smokescreen season. Gettleman can disarm reporters with the claim that he hasn’t lied since he got caught numerous times as a child, but that doesn’t mean he’s telegraphing his plans.

Gettleman isn’t lying about his team’s draft strategy. With a straight face, he can point out the dire consequences of swinging and missing on a quarterback at the top of the draft.

As a four-decade NFL lifer, though, he knows just as well that the cost to the franchise is equally steep if a running back, offensive lineman or pass rusher goes bust at the top of the draft.

Davis says the team’s rules are overbearing and unreasonable, and that she was unjustly fired from what was once her dream job. She has filed a civil rights complaint, and is speaking out about discriminatory policies in professional cheerleading. Professional cheerleading is a much more exhausting and high-pressure job than many people realize.

Cheerleaders don’t only dance and cheer during games; they also have to make promotional appearances, show up to photo shoots, sell products for the team, and practice for hours and hours each week. They are also expected to meet very specific guidelines regarding their weight, general appearance, and etiquette. To give an idea of the standards professional cheerleaders are held to, here are just a few of the etiquette and appearance standards cheerleaders are expected to meet if they want to keep their jobs. In 2014, the Los Angeles Times published sections  of the 2012 handbook for the Oakland Raiders cheer team, the Raiderettes.

Conventional wisdom had centered on USC quarterback Sam Darnold. In recent weeks, however, Wyoming’s Josh Allen has emerged as a potential alternative.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer collects and summarizes the various reports linking the Browns to Allen. The common thread? G.M. John Dorsey’s affinity for rocket-armed throwers. Last year, for example, the Chiefs (under Dorsey) moved from No. 27 to No. 10 to get Patrick Mahomes. And Dorsey spent years in Green Bay with Brett Favre as the resident gunslinger.

With the Giants reportedly interested in Darnold or no quarterback at No. 2, the Browns could try to cajole the Giants to move to No. 1, which then would allow the Browns to get Allen at No. 2. Falling any farther than No. 2 would make it more difficult for the Browns to get Allen.

If the Browns take Allen at No. 1 and the Giants take Darnold at No. 2, the Jets would then likely take Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen at No. 3, giving the Browns at No. 4 the de facto No. 1 overall non-quarterback.

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