David Stern said ‘it’s inexcusable’ for the Nets to rest starters in season finale, and he’s right

Former NBA commissioner David Stern voiced his disappointment with the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday for resting key starters in their April 12 regular season finale against the Chicago Bulls.

The Nets, who finished the season with a league-worst 22-60 record, sat their three best starters in Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez, and Trevor Booker — all healthy — against a Bulls team that needed just one win to secure playoff position as the Eastern Conference’s eighth seed.

This is the fear with Stanton, of course, who has missed 25 games Cheap Steelers Jerseys or more in four out of his last five seasons. So it goes for exceptionally large baseball players. When you’re 13 different smaller men stacked up in an oversized trench coat, that just means there are 13 times as many muscles to pull. The only thing that can bring him down is an uncooperative body. So far, the returns are less than inspiring.

Back to that original question, though, about if this is the Giancarlo Stanton we should get used to. The only logical answer right now is “I don’t know, but I will protect my fanboy hopes with a switchblade if needed.” Stanton is one of my favorite all-time players to watch, so if he descends into the murky waters of Horner — while making $30 million or more deep into his 30s — it would be unfathomably depressing.

The good news is that great players can have subpar seasons, too. Of the players from that earlier list, Al Kaline was merely OK in an injury-marred season when he was 25. Mathews’ 1958 season was the kind of low-average, high-dinger season Stanton had last year, but he shook it off and had some of the best seasons of his career. Orlando Cepeda and Ken Griffey, Jr. both had injuries and less-than-stellar seasons in their mid-20s, only to rebound shortly after.

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