Rodney Hood shimmied after his dagger 3-pointer against the Clippers in Game 4

Gordon Hayward was forced to leave Utah’s Game 4 matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers in the second quarter with food poisoning, so the Jazz called on Rodney Hood to fill his place, and boy did he deliver.

Though he struggled for most of the night, Hood drilled a three-pointer to put the Jazz up 97-92, and gave his best Stephen Curry impression afterward with a quick shimmy:

But Hood’s work didn’t stop there. Immediately afterward, he hit another clutch shot over Jamal Crawford, effectively sinking the Clippers and securing Utah’s Game 4 victory:

Hood didn’t have the most efficient game, tallying 18 points on 6-of-16 shooting. But that shimmy tells me he’s got to be feeling great after nailing those two shots.

Hrm, it seems as if the bullpen is currently scary as all hell, but we’re out of time! And the more and more I look at the Twins, the more I think about Santana and Santiago being quality pitchers with one of the best pitching prospects in baseball behind them, with Sano breaking out and Kepler continuing to progress, with Buxton still having the world’s greatest building blocks for continued baseball success, with players like Dozier, who can be a star, and players Grossman and Escobar, who have each contributed something over the last couple seasons.

Not only is he raking, though, but the anecdotal and empirical evidence is suggesting that he might stick at third base after all. The success of the Twins’ season doesn’t have to measured by a postseason berth. If Sano can turn into the kind of franchise player the Twins can plop Cheap Throwback Jerseys down at third base for the next decade, it will be one of their best seasons out of the last five, regardless of Cheap Team Soccer Jerseys how many they win.

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