MLB draft order 2017: Complete selection order for Rounds 11-40

After 315 picks on the first two days of the 2017 MLB Draft, things kick into high gear on Wednesday, the final day of the event, with 900 selections coming fast and furious from the most popular conference call of the Major League Baseball season.

The final 30 rounds of the draft will take place on Wednesday, beginning at noon ET, with coverage available online only through

The order for every round is the same on Wednesday, with teams picking in reverse order of 2016 record each time through. The Minnesota Twins, who selected California high school shortstop Royce Lewis with their first overall pick on Monday night, start each round, thanks to 103 losses in 2016.

Minnesota begins play on Wednesday at 33-28, two games ahead of the Cleveland Indians in first place in the American League Central, quite the turnaround from 2016. The Twins broke out for 28 hits in a 20-7 win over Seattle on Tuesday night.

The thing Syndergaard puts hot sauce on most frequently is a dish called the Bowl of Doom, which is the weird egg, meat, and avocado mixture being served inside. Syndergaard’s goal this past offseason was to bulk up. To do so, he had to eat four to five meals a day, starting with the Doom Bowl for breakfast. The plan seems to have worked: He gained 17 pounds of pure brawn over the winter.

Does Gennett qualify? We know the first one is true. The second one is a little dicier because he’s received five at-bats in a game before, and he will again. While the randomness of him being the player to accomplish this instead of, say, Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge is amazing, it isn’t exactly the freakiest baseball occurrence for an established major leaguer to hit a ball hard four times in the same game.

Does it make the pantheon, though? I suppose I need to construct a pantheon, first. Here are my five favorite individual baseball performances that combined skill with a quirky pile of weird baseball, and we’ll see if Gennett can squeak in.

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