We haven’t heard much about Gary Sanchez this season

O’Linger has no concerns about pitching out his arm because his post-baseball designs don’t include baseball at all. He’s already been accepted to a pharmacy postgraduate program at the University of Florida, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa with a 4.0 grade point average.

In September 2012, Cooke was returning to Charlotte after a recruiting visit when a drunk driver slammed into the back of his Dodge Caravan at more than 100 miles per hour.

Consider the roster. By Cooke’s count, only three of his starters and 12 to 13 players on his roster are getting any baseball money from Davidson’s limited scholarship resources. The rest must find their way at a place known for its strong academics and cozy feel with 2,000 undergraduates. But it ain’t cheap. Next year, it’ll cost $63,000 to cover everything.

Ben Markham of Viva El Birdos makes a convincing case for the Cardinals to completely tear everything down and rebuild the team, even though he admits it has a 0% chance of happening.

We haven’t heard much about Gary Sanchez this season, but doesn’t mean he isn’t playing well. And saying he’s playing well is a huge understatement.

John Farrell got up close and personal with umpire Bill Miller last night. He was so up close and personal that Miller ejected him for allegedly poking him in the chest.

The Nationals have been less prolific than is typical of their league-leading offense, too, and have relied on solid relief appearances (!?) to preserve two- and one-run leads. It’s probable that Wednesday will hold more of the same, but, ya know, with like, Kershaw and Strasburg pitching. Think of all the bowel-breaking curveballs.

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