The Rockies have lost 8 in a row, but everyone chasing them is just as awful

The Rockies have lost eight games in a row, and to compound the emotional problems that arise from that kind of stretch, those eight losses came on eight consecutive days. There are a few silver linings to this horrific stretch for Rockies fans, though, and we’re not talking about how well Colorado played in defeat or anything like that. No, it’s just that, while the Rockies were losing eight games in a row, nearly everyone chasing them for a playoff spot was nearly as bad.

Consider this: After the last Rockies victory, on June 20, the Cubs were 36-34, and standing atop the heap of NL teams waiting for a wild card spot. Chicago was 7.5 games back of the Diamondbacks, who held the second of the two NL wild cards. Now, after eight Rockies losses, the Cubs are 6.5 games back of the Rockies for that same second wild card.

Thompson calmed down briefly after taking damage in the first, but he gave up two more runs in the fourth on a Chris Hudgins single to left, and suddenly the winningest pitcher in college baseball this year was done after 78 pitches. That was his shortest outing of the season.

In addition to the teams, some of the top talent will be available in the upcoming amateur draft, including Brendan McKay of Louisville and Kyle Wright of Vanderbilt. We usually enjoy professional baseball, but take some time to enjoy the college game for the next few weeks, as its World Series is one of the best events of the year.

Brenly made four errors in the fourth inning. He was put at third base, where he didn’t belong, and he screwed up. Repeatedly. Four runs scored. Fans booed. His manager, Roger Craig, left him in because … well, screw you and stay in there, I guess.

In a sport where the all-time worst fielders can still make 90 percent of the plays, it’s hard to fathom four errors in one inning. It’s hard to dig a hole deep enough into the earth.

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