Watch: Twins turn rare triple play on ground ball

All eyes were on Angels slugger Albert Pujols in his attempt to hit 600 career home runs Thursday, but instead he became a part of Twins history in a rare triple play at Angel Stadium.

With Pujols on second base and Yunel Escobar on first, Angels first baseman Jefry Marte hit a sharp ground ball to Minnesota’s Miguel Sano.

The Twins third baseman stepped on his base and fired the ball to second baseman Brian Dozier, who completed the 5-4-3 triple play when he threw to Joe Mauer at first.

On Thursday night, Tebow had exactly one ball hit in his direction all game, an eighth-inning line drive toward the left-center gap that he easily cut off on a couple of hops. He fumbled the ball momentarily, though it didn’t matter. The runner from second was going to score easily anyway and Tebow picked up the ball and quickly threw it in, holding the hitter to first base.

At the plate, he’s still stiff, but he looks more comfortable than in the field. He has muscles upon muscles, which translates into solid power when he makes solid contact. Breaking balls remain an issue, though coaches say he’s improving. The idea of Tebow trying to adjust to the one-two combo of Max Scherzer’s fastball and curveball is, well, kind of amusing.

Look, I’m not a scout. I’ve played and watched and covered baseball my entire life, though, so I’ll throw out a couple of observations. Feel free to ignore them.

Tebow plays baseball very much like a guy with an adequate level of talent trying extremely hard to do everything the exact right way. There’s very little smooth in his game. Tracking baseballs in the outfield, he takes shorter, make-sure steps when others glide to a spot. Everything he does in the field — running, catching and throwing — feels mechanical and calculated.

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