NCAA baseball tournament 2017: Regionals bracket, schedule for road to College World Series

The NCAA baseball tournament regionals begin this week as 64 teams travel the road to the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

Most of the bracket starts play Friday, June 2, with No. 1-overall seed Oregon State (49-4) facing No. 4 Holy Cross (23-27). No. 2 Nebraska (35-20-1) and No. 3 Yale (32-16) round out the four-team field in the Corvallis Regional.

While its certain more than one pitcher will crop up on Houston’s radar (Chris Archer, Yu Darvish and Ervin Santana) and multiple teams will be interested in Cole should he become available, this trade does have some legs because both sides would benefit.

By the time most of us left here yesterday, it was pretty clear that we could have played baseball. But the Cubs felt, and had information that indicated it was not going to be the case.

The sun even made a brief appearance Saturday evening, which caused an over reaction from Brewers manager Craig Counsell.

First time, for us, that we’ve had players treated for sunburn after a rainout, Counsell said.

Stearns even went as far as to suggest MLB look into the Cubs’ postponement.

One last comment from Stearns on Weathergate: If there were other reasons the game was called, that’s something that MLB should look into.

Milwaukee is surprisingly leading the National League Central, though the Cubs beat them 13-6 on Sunday.

Did the Cubs make a mistake in calling Saturday’s as early as they did? Possibly, but the Brewers are blowing it way out of proportion considering it is a 162-game season.

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