Topps keeps finding ways to reinvent baseball cards in creative, unique ways

SECAUCUS, N.J. As Major League Baseball tries to change rules throughout the sport, it looks like all involved with baseball are following the trend.

In its 2017 Series 1 card reveal event this week hosted by MLB Network, Topps displayed that the company can reinvent itself while holding to tradition and adding new wrinkles to the baseball card business.

For 2017, Topps introduced several new additions to its card rotation:

He might not have looked the part at various times, but he could run, too. Consider:

From 1984 through 1990, Gwynn stole 223 bases, including a career-high 56 in 1987.

That speed gave him good range in the outfield. He led NL right fielders in putouts three times, and finished in the top three seven times. In 1986, he led all NL outfielders in the category. He also led all NL outfielders in runs saved above average three times, including 1991, when he registered a career-high 28.

Yes, for most of his career, Tony Gwynn was a complete player. Obviously. That’s why he’s was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2007 with 97.6 percent of the vote.

But it’s easy to gloss over or forget the finer points of a career when discussing that career as a whole.

Never forget Tony Gwynn’s finer points.

His greatness was not just in the totals, but in the details.

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