John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s 1-year-old daughter threw the cutest first pitch ever at a Mariners game

What did you do when you were 1 year old? Sit around pooping and being cute? Probably. If you’re John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s daughter, Luna, then you’re already throwing out a first pitch.

The Red Baron’s calculation put Wong’s value at something like twice Donaldson’s. I think this calculation is more rigorous though, and it puts Wong around $35M short of Donaldson when including the qualifying offer as part of Donaldson’s value. Donaldson would be a one win improvement in the final two months of the season, as well as a nice improvement over Wong in any playoff games the team takes part in. In 2018, he offers a phenomenal 3 1?2 win improvement. The Cardinals would however miss out on a projected $10.6M surplus value in 2019 and 2020. Wong projects to not be worth the option price minus the $1M buyout in 2021, so I added the $1M buyout to his 2020 salary and didn’t count a 2021 season.

Unless the team was willing to deal further MLB talent, they’ll have to reach from the minors to make the deal happen. Using the Top aggregate list I mentioned earlier, which uses five Top 100 lists and ‘s Top 200 list, as well as public valuations of different types of prospects, here’s the Cardinals’ top prospects and their implied valuations entering the year:

On Tuesday, Legend was slated to throw out the first pitch for the Mariners, but when he got to the mound he decided to forego the first-pitch honor and let Luna have a chance to throw which was utterly adorable.

Luna did a pretty good job, too. Better than 50 Cent.

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Banned in Boston: NSFW David Ortiz roast won’t be replayed on NESN

David Ortiz is an easy target for jokes and he’s fine with that. It’s part of why he agreed to do the roast Thursday night at the House of Blues in Boston. Unfortunately, the people of Boston are apparently too sensitive to hear what was said in the roast.

NESN intended to air the roast this weekend, but according to the Boston Globe, that will not be happening now or ever.

The regional sports net has pulled the show because of the vulgar nature of many of the jokes told Thursday night. Go figure that Bill Burr, Lenny Clarke and Sarah Tiana would have a clean show for the people of Boston.

In a 14-inning game Buehrle came on in relief and eventually tallied a save. He apparently did so with a pretty solid buzz.

In an article he wrote for The Player Tribune Buehrle said he chugged, like three beers … Max, prior to coming into the game in the 14th inning. Definitely no more than three, though. I swear, he continued.

Baseball does have its own beer leagues but this may be getting a little ridiculous. But hey, if a guy can go out and save a game with a nice little buzz, more power to him right?

The White Sox would go on to win the series in four games over the Houston Astros. It was the White Sox first World Championship since 1918. To this day it is the Astros’ only World Series appearance.

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