NBA Finals 2017: Cavs’ Game 4 win shows near impossibility of winning series against Warriors

Whenever anyone says, All you have to do is the next thing they say is always something impossible.

The above is a truth communicated by comedian Chris Rock while narrating Everybody Hates Chris, the now defunct sitcom loosely based on his childhood. In the episode, young Chris must make Thanksgiving Day macaroni and cheese without, well, macaroni and cheese. His boss at the corner store he worked at told him, You don’t need macaroni and cheese to make macaroni and cheese. All you got to do is…

I want to go on record because I want to be the first one to say this. His record, when he’s done, will be unbreakable, Jefferson said after the game Thursday night.

The veteran Cavs player compared the record to Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak in baseball and Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game as records that will never be broken. He believes James falls under that category because no other player will be able to maintain his level of success in the playoffs.

Whoever tries to get to [James’ record] is going to have to play in 10 NBA Finals and average 30 points a game to get there. Like, let’s put that in perspective. That’s impossible. What he’s doing right now is obviously on a level that has never been seen before. To pass Michael Jordan when you’re still in the prime of your career, you know one of the greats of all-time: that record will be unbreakable.

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NFL schedule release 2017: Time, TV channel, and live stream for announcement show

Despite being deep into the offseason, the NFL never sleeps. One week before the draft, the league will handle some important housekeeping, releasing the 2017 schedule on Thursday.

Because this is the NFL, the schedule release has to be a long, drawn-out affair, with a live special airing on NFL Network. Fans can stream the event online at for participating cable providers.

Essentially, the chart attempts to quantify the value of each pick, with the No. 1 pick valued at 3,000 points, the No. 10 pick at 1,300 points and just 100 points for the No. 100 pick.

Want to trade from No. 10 to No. 8? Well, the No. 8 pick is worth 1,400 points and No. 10 is worth 1,300 points so an early fourth-round pick worth about 100 points should do the trick.

The first trade of the 2015 NFL Draft was a move for the San Diego Chargers up just two spots from No. 17 to grab running back Melvin Gordon at No. 15. The trade closely followed Johnson’s chart to make for a fair swap:

Should teams value picks differently? Maybe, but long after Johnson’s retirement, his chart still seems to be the guideline of choice in the NFL.

Others, like Chase Stuart of Football Perspective and even students at Harvard, have adjusted the values of the chart to try to more accurately reflect the value presented Cheap Jerseys NFL Wholesale with each pick, but the king’s ransom recently received by the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns shows Cheap Jerseys In UK that Johnson’s inflation of the first few picks of the draft still holds true.