Former Washington general manager Scot McCloughan — who consulted for the Browns during the 2018 NFL Draft — also feels good about their chances.

And so does former Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas, who retired earlier in 2018.

A good, reckless sports guarantee is fun. Back in 1987, Lakers coach Pat Riley promised the team would repeat as champions cheap jerseys in 1988. When they did, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stuffed a towel in Riley’s mouth before he could guarantee a three-peat. It was great.

But that was a good team promising to stay good. The Browns jumping from winless to the postseason isn’t just optimistic, it’d be just about unprecedented.

The record for a single-season turnaround is 10 wins. The Dolphins did it in 2008 with an 11-5 season after a 1-15 year in 2007, and the Colts jumped from 3-13 in 1998 to 13-3 in 1999.

When it’s June, most NFL chatter is questioning what will happen during the upcoming season and for the rest of the offseason.

Will the Giants re-sign Odell Beckham Jr.? Will the Falcons figure out a way to please Julio Jones? Will the Eagles be able to follow up their Super Bowl season with another impressive year? Will the Browns actually win a game?

And there’s nothing wrong with that. The offseason is all about asking those questions and dreaming up the answers. But sometimes offseason headlines go too far. Here are some of my favorite question headlines of this offseason and how I’d (very simply) answer them.

Instead, rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky had an even bigger hurdle to clear against the Saints’ rejuvenated defense. A win for New Orleans eventually helped it beat out Carolina on a tiebreaker for the NFC South title. The loss didn’t mean much in the grand scope of things for the Bears — they finished 5-11 on the season in a rebuilding year. But taking away a legit-looking touchdown from a guy who just dislocated his knee is pretty low.

Some say Favre is still out there, to this day, starting games and throwing interceptions.

When it comes to career accomplishments and records, there are few who can match the sheer volume of former Packers, Vikings, and Jets quarterback Brett Favre. Considered one of the best of all time, Favre also played so long that he acquired just about every record — good and bad — there is for a quarterback in the NFL.

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