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It’s something of a parlor game, because it’s bound to continue happening every season for the next several. Trout’s only 24 and already better than numerous Hall of Famers for their entire careers. This season, he’ll pass at least a few more marginal enshrinees. Keep a list going with all but the inner circle greats […]

Who’s faster, Billy Hamilton or John Ross? We may soon get a chance to find out. Yesterday, the Reds center fielder somewhat jokingly said he would race the Bengals rookie to see who is the fastest athlete in Cincinnati, and apparently Ross is open to the competition. “It would be awesome to do that and […]

Martin Hanzal is a very good hockey player. But he is quite an unremarkable player. He doesn’t wow you with a powerful shot or sublime puck skills. He doesn’t take over games with his speed. He doesn’t say things to the media that draw attention to himself or rock the boat. Based on those things, […]

Follow the action with our 2017 NFL draft tracker with pick-by-pick results and analysis updating in real-time for all seven rounds. Most of the prospects that made their way to Philly are now headed to new cities, but with only 32 names called, the draft action heats up Friday. The first round of picks can […]

Gabriel Vilardi is a big, strong forward that can play both center and wing, and is an absolute beast when he has the puck below the offensive zone faceoff dots. His Windsor Spitfires team will be hosting the 2017 Memorial Cup later in May and he’s their best forward, so that should be a nice […]

And I’m not talking about whether they think he will go in the first round. I’m talking about where they see his fit in the NFL and the kinds of things they project he will be able to do versus the things USA Basketball Cheap Jerseys they think he will struggle to do. Somebody who […]

The NFL added 32 compensatory picks in the 2017 NFL draft order. Ever wonder how those work? We have a handy explainer for that. There’s also a change in how those picks work new for this year. New York Jets – Jamal Adams figures to be an awesome chess piece in Todd Bowles’ ultra-aggressive defense. […]

Despite being deep into the offseason, the NFL never sleeps. One week before the draft, the league will handle some important housekeeping, releasing the 2017 schedule on Thursday. Because this is the NFL, the schedule release has to be a long, drawn-out affair, with a live special airing on NFL Network. Fans can stream the […]